Graphics & Logo Design

Orange ambition provides you with all your design needs. Our team of experienced business specialist and professional designers are ready to satisfy your image requirements. We are in the field of professional design for the last 10 years and we provide 110% satisfaction to our customers
Enhance the impression people have of your brand through a memorable, creative and stylish logo!
Logo and Graphic Design Done Locally

Print Media Designs
Brilliant print media requires just the right combination of important content and unforgettable design, brought together in a way which appeals to your target market and compels them to take action in the way you want.

In this day and age, where online and digital media are so prevalent, bringing print media into a business’s marketing plan can still give you an edge when it comes to getting ahead of the competition. The presence of something physical in the hands of your customers will add salience and prominence to your brand.

We can help you put together Corporate identity kits – integral for a business which wants to maintain a consistent and memorable brand – as well as brochures, menus and more.

Even when it comes to business cards, making sure that yours stands out from the crowd can be the difference between making an average impression and a great impression.

Our multi-talented and devoted team are here to help you every step of the way. From finding out what you need, to delivering the files ready to be sent to the printer, Orange Ambition is dedicated to helping you to Maximize your business.

Our services include:
• Branded Stationery
• Letterhead Design
• Business Card Design
• Flyers and leaflets
• Invitations
• Brochures (multiple size and layout options – including bi-fold, tri-fold design options – are available)
• Restaurant and Bar Menus
• Catalogue Design
• Labels and Packaging
• Booklets
• Book Covers
• Infographics

We can provide you with unique billboard designs and advertising banners; ones which aren’t going to be forgotten. We’re also able to put together a huge range of other promotional print and online material, including Trade Show Graphics, Magazine Advertisements, Social Media Ads and Newsletters.
Have you thought about trying something a little more distinct? Unique, company branded T-shirts are a great way to get your business out there. Not only that, but other merchandise such as cups or stationery can also help to maximize your business’s advertising potential.
If you need something you don’t see here, send us a message and we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Your brand is your business and one of the most significant parts of your brand is your logo. Making sure that your business logo design is unforgettable and represents exactly what your organization stands for, is the first step to ensuring brand success.